Our Values


TLA is committed to ensure not only people of SOGIESC but all are not treated differently or discriminated against based on their characteristics. Everyone should have equal access to our basic human rights in education, health, and employment.



TLA recognises the diversity of SOGIESC people and work toward encouraging involvements of diverse members from around Tonga in all its works, thus leaving no one behind. TLA reflects the strengths of diversity in its engagements, staff, and committee.



TLA values respect in our daily interactions with each other, with our stakeholders, and even people with opposing views. We do our work in a mindful way that will showcase our contributions and still respect our core values as Tongan. 



TLA demonstrates moral soundness in all actions, fostering trust in our relationships. To do this, TLA will ensure transparency and accountability in its procedures and work with partners, through democratic involvement of members and staff.